i just want a puppy and to not be hungry all the time.

my perfect man is the one that thinks my ability to polish off a large pizza is so sexy, na’mean


how much do islands cost i want one

when asked about my stance on sex:

I’m not against people having sex,  because from what I hear, it’s awesome. but I see it as something sacred to be shared between two people that love eachother, and honestly, the idea of getting naked with someone I barely know freaks me out, if for no other reason that I’m a germaphobe and I don’t know where their body has been. I understand most of society is free-wheeling when it comes to sex, and I don’t chastize anyone for what they choose to do with their life. However, I just ask for the same respect for the fact that I choose to abstain from it, until, of course, I have someone I feel comfortable sharing that with

i have an okcupid account that i just look at when i’m feeling sad to know that some people think i’m cool and/or good looking

My friend moved into the frat house of Beta Lyft Moor

All they do is work out and eat healthy
They have a 400 dollar blender to make their ‘magic potions’
They eat things like algae, glutamines, and strawberry protein…

I opened the fridge and there was a huge bowl do salmon filet.

I just…..I don’t get it

"I wonder why he weighs his food…"
“I know, I don’t weigh my food until after I eat it.”